HEY LITTLE BIRD second record out now!

The new eponymous 2nd record, Hey Little Bird, is out 6.21.19.  Here's the review from The Big Takeover magazine:

"Due to exorbitant, tech boom-induced rents that forced his bandmates to move, San Francisco multi-instrumentalist Bill Chartier (previously in lo-fi trio Little Mercury) formed the one-man HLB in 2011. Following up 2016’s The Weight of My Attention, this more focused and robustly produced second LP still finds him forcefully flailing at a jangly acoustic, augmenting it with reedy keyboards and a spare, clanking drumkit, and topping everything off his piercing, forlorn, J Mascis/Stephen Malkmus-evoking wail. Once again, he keeps his songs off-the-cuff, tuneful, and succinct (only two of 16 top the three-minute mark), with his acerbic yet ambiguous lyrics meticulously mediating to find that elusive middle ground in troubled relationships, as his frayed emotional state teeters on the edge. Like a stripped-down Sebadoh or Pavement, Chartier’s slacker rock is sensitive and sincere."

Vinyl is available at Bandcamp, and the record's on iTunes & Spotify.

Record release show this summer, without fail! Unless the creeks rise.